How To Die On Mars – The Mars One Project Explained | Video


Published on Apr 22, 2013

Not-for-profit company Mars One is now accepting applications for the opportunity to be the first humans to set foot on Mars in 2023. One catch – its’ a one way ticket to colonize the desolate, caustic, cold world. Project founders explain.

Credit: / Images: Mars One



Chris Hadfield on getting sick in space


Published on Apr 21, 2013

Sometimes astronauts experience disorientation and nausea when they arrive in space. CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrates how astronauts deal with space sickness. Credit: Canadian Space Agency/NASA

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NASA | GOES-R Trailer


Published on Apr 19, 2013

The GOES-R satellite will provide continuous weather monitoring. It will add and renew the capabilities of the other operational GOES satellites. The GOES-R satellite will add new crucial features to weather forecasting technology that will increase tornado warning time and detect lightning like never before. This video is a one-minute trailer highlighting the most important capabilities of the spacecraft.

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NASA | Goddard Interns 2013


Published on Apr 16, 2013

Every year, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. recruits hundreds of interns to spend the summer working on revolutionary missions featuring state-of-the-art technology. This orientation video introduces interns to NASA Goddard’s Greenbelt campus.

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ScienceCasts: A Whiff of Dark Matter on the ISS


Published on Apr 12, 2013

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An advanced particle detector onboard the International Space Station may have recorded its first whiff of Dark Matter. Researchers are excited about the possibility of finally understanding what this mysterious substance is made of.