The venemous blue ringed octopus – Deadly 60 – BBC


Published on May 26, 2013

Steve and the crew go in search of a toxic terror living right in the heart of Sydney. Diving into the famous harbour they search for the blue ringed octopus; it might fit in the palm of your hand but one touch of this critter could mean game over. Check out it’s amazing colour flashes!



Video: ‘Ring of fire’ eclipse dims sunlight over Australia


Published on May 9, 2013

Skywatchers in the Australian Outback were among the lucky few to witness a solar eclipse on Friday as the moon glided between the Earth and the sun, blocking everything but a dazzling ring of light. The eclipse lasted between three and six minutes, depending on its location, and blacked out around 95 percent of the sun at its peak near Tennant Creek. MORE INFO & PHOTOS: