Fireball streaks across night sky and causes panic in the process


Ohio residents were treated to a natural light show after a fireball streaked across the night sky.

Not everyone was entertained by the event though, with several reports of panicked locals calling emergency services after witnessing the phenomenon on Friday.

The spectacle was captured by a Nasa camera, operated by Meteoroid Environmental Office worker Bill Cooke, that showed the fireball exploding into life.

At first it appears as a small mass on the screen but quickly grows as it streaks across the sky.

Twitter users spoke about seeing the object, which could have been a meteor.

OxStarsMayCollide wrote: ‘My mom saw it last night when she was sitting on our front porch she said it looked green.’

GreatBolshy added: ‘I was wondering what the hell it was that lit up my room last night.’

More than 400 people reported seeing the event, the American Meteor Society said.

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By BeEtLjOoZ

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