Some mushrooms in Missouri look like huge balls of puff

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ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — A man driving down the highway in St. Joseph noticed some strange ‘puff balls’ off the pavement and had to get a closer look.

Richard Crumley, a former Missouri Western State University professor knew the balls of puff were actually mushrooms. One was more than a foot tall.

Crumley said they would have been edible when they were young, but they’re not now. He says mushrooms this size are actually very common in Missouri and throughout the Midwest.

“Now, these are not. Now there are some puffballs that you don’t want to eat, they kind of look like this, but if you cut it them open and if they have purple in the inside, you don’t want to eat those. They’re nasty,” said Dr. Crumley

He warns people to do their  homework before eating mushrooms.

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