Perry’s Redneck Rocketeers

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PERRY, OKLAHOMA — They are nearly ready for takeoff in Perry.

Garrett Ebersole and his team are confident their large, winged creation will do what it’s supposed to do.

“Hey. It should be fun,” he says.

“Hopefully it holds together.”

They based their design on a much smaller radio controlled airplane.

Aluminum frame and foam wings are surrounded by shrink wrap plastic.

Ebersole will pilot from a spot perched on top of the wings and behind the painted nose.

“Right up here,” demonstrates Garrett by climbing on his friend’s shoulders and gingerly taking his position.

“We’ll put handles right here for me to grab onto.”

A visitor remarks, “But flying is a kind of a relative term right?”

Ebersole agrees. “Gliding. Gliding with style.”

A quick search on YouTube gave the Red Neck Rocketeers all the hope they needed that their design might work.

For 20 years…

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By #SeriousPickle - BeEtLjOoZ

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