Mind Meld: Researcher Apparently Controls Colleague’s Finger from Afar


Hello, creepy-cool 1950s sci-fi mind control meets 21st-century reality.

A pair of U.S. researchers claim they’ve achieved the first ever human-on-human mind-meld. No, not some kooky Star Trek thing where someone put their fingers, semi-tented, on someone else’s noggin, then transferred their marbles over like a Dropbox upload before going off to do something tear-jerkingly heroic. We’re talking about real science here — not a bunch of Men Who Stare at Goats malarkey — involving brain-computer interface research and firing brain signals mind-to-mind like electric blueprints, unleashed on someone else’s gray matter like a cerebral hack in real time.

In the experiment, the researchers wanted to show how it might be possible to “extract” (not spooky at all, that verb) information from one brain, then pipe it to another. What’s more, the researchers wanted the source brain signal to be capable of stimulating the target brain, producing a measurable response…

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By #SeriousPickle - BeEtLjOoZ

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