Experimental flying car suffers setback as missionary-funded prototype crashes near B.C. school

National Post | News

Last Friday, a bizarre object fell from the skies above Vernon, B.C., and lodged itself in the trees on the edge of an elementary school field. When the dust settled, curious students found themselves gazing at the smashed remains of a Maverick, an experimental flying car resembling a miniature vintage roadster. Even stranger than its appearance, however, are the Maverick’s origins: Developed by Steve Saint, the son of an famed American Evangelical missionary who was killed by Ecuadorian tribesmen, the car was conceived in part as a high-tech way to conduct missionary work in some of the most remote corners of the world. This week, the Post’s Tristin Hopper spoke by phone to Ray Seibring, the Canadian pilot at the controls of the crashed Maverick.

Q: You and a family member were taking the Maverick for a test flight at the time of the crash, which you both escaped…

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