British astronaut Tim Peake set for five-month mission to International Space Station


Britain’s first official astronaut Tim Peake has been selected for a five-month mission to the International Space Station.

Major Peake is expected to blast off into space on a Russian Soyuz rocket from Kazakhstan in November 2015 and fly to the space station from there.

He will be able to take part in spacewalks and other complex scientific activities.

The 41-year-old test pilot graduated from the European Space Agency in 2009 after he was picked from thousands of hopefuls.

He also spent a month living with a family in St Petersburg to improve his Russian.

Sandhurst graduate Maj Peake completed his training in November 2010 but denied that he was getting frustrated with the wait for a mission.

‘No, it doesn’t get frustrating at all – there’s just so much going on, so much diversity, and there’s brilliant training all along the way,’ he recently told the BBC.

It remains to be…

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