‘It’s like when you come off a ride at the CNE’: Chris Hadfield describes the hard return to gravity

National Post | News

LONGUEUIL, Que. — Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield says his body feels confused and banged-up by the effects of gravity after a five-month stay in space.

After floating around weightlessly for months, suddenly, he needs to keep his own head aloft. He feels dizzy. And because there are no callouses on his feet anymore, he says, he feels like he’s walking on hot coals.

A first trip to the gym was excruciating, he says, because it felt like two people had jumped on him when he was trying to do a situp.

”My neck is sore and my back is sore,” Hadfield told a news conference from Houston on Thursday.

”It feels like I played a hard game of rugby yesterday or played full-contact hockey yesterday and I haven’t played in a while.”


Hadfield returned to Earth on Monday night after his stay aboard the International Space Station — a…

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