Commander Chris Hadfield’s top 10 moments (or top 10 reasons why we love the Canadian astronaut)


Former fighter pilot; social media star; talented guitarist; astronaut – no one would disagree with the statement that Canada’s Chris Hadfield is a polymath.

The 53-year-old has become one of the stars of 2013 so far by posting stunning pictures of Earth from the International Space Station on Twitter and Facebook, as he orbited the planet 16 times per day.

Credited with being the most social media savvy astronaut ever, Cmdr Hadfield has brought the beauty and mystery of space to a new audience.

As he prepares to leave the ISS after a six-month stint in space, we present ten of Cmdr Hadfield’s best moments.

10 Not strictly a Cmdr Hadfield moment, but one that got even us at Metro very excited. On April 1 (that should have been our first clue) Google Analytics, which monitors how many people are looking at a website or a page on it…

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