‘Serious’ radiator leak detected on International Space Station


A radiator leak has been detected on the International Space Station’s power system but, while it is said to be ‘serious’, it is not thought to be life-threatening.

The six-member crew noticed white particles of ammonia, which acts as a cooling agent for the construct’s systems, emanating from the station.

Nasa said the team was not in danger and the fault was an extension of a previous leak. It added a spacewalk may be required to fix the problem.

Station commander Chris Hadfield said although the fault was serious, it had been controlled.

‘It is a serious situation, but between crew and experts on the ground, it appears to have been stabilised. [Friday] we find out for certain,’ he tweeted.

Spokesman Bob Jacobs added engineers were working on rerouting electronics just in case the radiator loop shut down.

If an escape is required, the space station has enough emergency escape…

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