Archeological dig beneath Bloomberg’s future London headquarters reveals ancient Roman ruins dubbed ‘Pompeii of the north’

National Post | News

Archeological digs on the site of Bloomberg LP’s future London headquarters have revealed Roman building remains and some 10,000 well-preserved objects that have led the site to be dubbed the “Pompeii of the north.”

Museum of London archeologists have discovered good-luck charms, coins, drains and even leather shoes — dating from the mid-40’s A.D. (when the Romans founded London) to 410 A.D. The objects are in good condition because a now-lost river, the Walbrook, kept the ground wet and prevented their decay.

“What we’ve found is essentially a slice through the entire history of Roman London,” said Sophie Jackson, project manager for the Bloomberg Place excavation. “We’ve got, in one corner of this site, the whole sequence: every year of Roman occupation, represented by buildings and yards and alleyways — places where people lived and worked for 350 years, one layer above another.”

“We’re calling this site the Pompeii of…

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