Scientists create 3D laser camera that can create models of objects up to a kilometre away

National Post | News

A team of Scottish scientists have figured out a method to capture 3D images of people and objects from up to a kilometre away using an advanced, laser-driven camera.

Using advanced “time of flight” laser-driven cameras, researchers at Heriot Watt University Edinburgh Campus can give an accurate measurement of depth by creating a image based on how long it takes for a laser to shoot out and bounce back to the light source.

It’s by no means the first camera to create 3D models — the cameras on the consumer-level Xbox Kinect have a similar function — but it will be the first one to have a range beyond a few feet.

The team of scientists building the new laser have figured out how to create 3D images from up to a kilometre away, accurate to within one millimetre, and hope to refine the process soon to extend the range…

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