If escaping from a Dinosaur attack, don’t hide in the water: Alberta study shows early tyrannosaur was great swimmer

National Post | News

A graduate student at the University of Alberta has found evidence that dispels the belief that dinosaurs were lousy swimmers.

Doing research last summer in China’s Szechuan Province, Scott Persons discovered claw marks in an ancient riverbed that shows dinosaurs did a version of the dog paddle over long distances.

Standing on their toes and stroking in a left-right, left-right progression, two-legged dinosaurs dragged their feet across the bottom, stirring up sediment. “It is not a surprise some could swim, but what is significant is that they would swim for quite a while,” said Mr. Persons, whose research was published Monday in the journal Chinese Science Bulletin.

He found paddling marks left by what he suspects was an early tyrannosaur, or feathered Sinocalliopteryx, which existed in that part of China more than 100 million years ago.

Dinosaurs likely navigated across the river in periods when the water was high, rather…

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