Scientist says volcanic eruption behind ‘perfect storm’ that kicked off Dark Ages

National Post | News

TORONTO — American paleoecologist Dr. Robert Dull believes he’s pretty much solved the mystery behind a catastrophic global climate change event from the sixth century.

As the new History series “Perfect Storms” shows, Dull has found solid circumstantial evidence that an eruption at El Salvador’s Lake Ilopango volcano was the cause of the so-called Dust Veil of AD 536, when a thick dust and ash cloud over the Northern Hemisphere cooled parts of the Earth and led to millions of deaths.

It’s perhaps a major breakthrough for experts who have long wondered whether the dust veil was a result of a volcanic eruption, a meteorite or a comet that slammed into Earth.

“I hate to say that it’s 100%, but it’s 99% in my mind done [that] Ilopango was the cause of the AD 536 climate cooling that lasted for at least two years, globally, but definitely as much as…

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