Japanese scientists figure out how to read ‘visual contents’ of dreams with brain scans

National Post | News

A team of Japanese scientists have revealed they can scan your brain and tell what you are dreaming about at least 60% of the time.

In a study published Thursday in the journal Science, the team from Japan revealed how they were able to figure out what people were dreaming about.

“In this study, we tried to read out what we called the visual contents of dreaming from brain activity during sleep which is measured by functional MRI (fMRI),” said team scientist Yukiyasu Kamitani in an interview for Science’s podcast.

By using context specific activity patterns associated with stimulus perception, we are able to reveal dream contents from brain activity during sleep

To do this, the scientists hooked subjects up fMRIs and then tracked their brain activity when they slept, and when the brain activity became the most active and indicative of visual stimuli, the scientists woke the subjects up and asked…

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